Full-Service POS Solution from Maitre’D

Thousands of locations across the world count on Maitre’D POS for their point of sale solution. This powerful and robust system includes all the features that any owner can benefit from, including speed bar, delivery with driver dispatch, online ordering, quick serve and unparalleled reporting. Join thousands of other locations and discover the benefits and features your business shouldn’t have to live without.


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Benefits to Keep Your Restaurant Moving

Your restaurant is busy and we get that. That’s where Maitre’D comes in. With these benefits you can streamline business operations in your restaurant and do what you’ve never thought possible:

  • Streamline back office operations with an accounting interface, labor management, and payroll functionality.
  • Increase the speed, accuracy, and efficiency with a kitchen display system.
  • Tailor Maitre’D to your needs with scalable interfaces and modules.

Features and Interfaces

Maitre’D offers an endless list of innovative functions and functions to give your employees what they need to be successful, all while keeping customer experience in mind. Accommodate guests easily and simply with these POS system interfaces and features:

  • Bar Interface: Save thousands of dollars in over pouring and comped drinks with an interface that integrates seamlessly with your bar.
  • Hotel Interface: With this easy-to-use system never charge bar, restaurant, and room service tabs to the wrong guest again.
  • Gift Card Interface: Maitre’D POS works with every major gift card processor which makes loading and accepting gift cards a breeze.
  • Delivery and Dispatch: Recognize guests with information already in your system for fast and easy delivery orders.

Local Service & Support

Restaurant POS Service and Support for New York

For over a decade Manhattan POS has been providing New York City and surrounding areas with table-service POS systems. Our years of experience and emphasis on customer relationships make Manhattan POS your go-to source for your restaurant point of sale needs. Our team of expert service and support specialists are available 24/7, 365 days a year to ensure your business gets what it needs.


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